Date Received: 1/2015

Region = 11, 14

Submitted By = Linda Smerber

Park/Location = Cherry Valley
Campground = Bogart Park
Location = 9600 Cherry Valley Ave, Cherry Valley, CA 92223

Type = Public

Potable Water Available = Yes
Horse Water Available = yes
Telephone = yes
Restroom = yes
Firepits = yes
Picnic tables = yes
Bear Proof Containers = n/a
Camp Host = Yes
Corrals = Yes
Store = 2 miles
Trailer Access = 2 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trailer Parking = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trails Level = 1 to 10 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Rider Level = 1 to 10 (1/beginner - 10/very experienced)

Dogs allowed in camp = Yes
Dogs allowed on trails = No

Other Info =
Fee = Yes, varies - see website

Reservations Required = Yes
Reserve Through = Riverside County Recreational Parks Services
Contact Phone = 951-845-3818 (park) 1-800-234-PARK

More Info:
Park is closed for Assistance Tues and Wed--Camp host (sometimes) present --can still ride and stay (check on availability). Trails range from fire road to mountain trails--Most trails are marked (upper trails are unmarked). Obstacles include water crossings at certain times of the year and downed timber(logs) and open meadows. Park is shared with bicyclists and hikers. Small fishing pond available. Keep small pets safe (many wildlife seen--bears, coyotes, deer, and mountain lion in area).

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