Carter Meadows Horse Camp

Date Received: 3/16/2011

Region = 1 or 18

Submitted By = Tami Sandberg

Campground = Horse Camp
Location = Klamath National Forest. Just out of Calahan on road to Cecilville.

Public or Private = Public

Potable Water Available = yes
Horse Water Available = yes
Telephone = no
Restroom = yes
Showers = no
Firepits = yes
Picnic tables = yes
Bear Proof Containers = no
Camp Host = no
Corrals = yes, 13
High ties = no
Store = 15 miles
Trailer Access = 2 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trailer Parking = 2 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trails Difficulty Level = 2 - 9 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Rider Level = 2- 10 (1/beginner - 10/very experianced)

Dogs allowed in camp = yes
Dogs allowed on trails = yes

Other Info = No horses allowed in meadow or family camping area. Very nice pipe corrals for horses.
Trail head is just below corrals, day rides to lakes.

Fee = $50/night (as of 3/2011)

Reservations Required = yes
Reserve Through = Reserve America (
Contact Phone =look for Carter Meadows Horse Camp

More Info:

This site is a reserved site, once you reserve it the site is yours for your stay. There are other first come/first served sites not as nice on the other side of the meadow. The trails heads are close, and there are 3 lakes to ride to in a day. You can swim in the lakes (pretty cold but nice).

The trails range from flat, through the meadows and some stream crossings, to rocky and steep with switchbacks. Typical wilderness riding, in the Trinity Alps Wilderness and the Russian Wilderness areas. Elevation is from 6,000 to 6,400 and it is good to arrive a ay early to acclimate your horse and yourself to the higher elevation. Fantastic views and scenery be sure to bring your camera!

East access, go up I-5 North, turn off at Yreka, go toward Fort Jones on Hwy 3. Just out of Fort Jones go toward Calahan, beautiful drive through Scott Valley, just before Calahan turn right and go toward the summit. Just when you start down, the road to the camp is on the left. Better directions are on the reservation site.

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