Date Received: 1/2015

Region = 11, 14

Submitted By = Linda Smerber

Park/Location = La Quinta,
Campground = Lake Cahuilla
Location = 58075 Jefferson Street, La Quinta, CA

Type = Public

Potable Water Available = yes
Horse Water Available = yes
Telephone = yes
Restroom = yes
Showers = yes
Firepits = yes
Picnic tables = yes
Bear Proof Containers = n/a
Camp Host = no
Corrals = yes
High ties = no
Store = 5 miles
Trailer Access = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trailer Parking = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trails Level = 1 to 5 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Rider Level = 1 to 5 (1/beginner - 10/very experienced)

Dogs allowed in camp = yes
Dogs allowed on trails = no

Other Info =
Fee = yes, varies, see website

Reservations Required = yes
Reserve Through =
Contact Phone = 760-564-4712 or 1-800-235-PARK (7275)

Some trails are sandy wash beds and many are rocky (if your horse is a tenderfoot--have shoes on). If you look closely, you can catch the mountain sheep/goats playing on the hillsides. This is not a good summer camp area, but beautiful in the fall and winter--perfect weather when everywhere else is nasty and cold. I stayed here once where it rained all night--several nights in a row, and was beautiful all day. During the summer--too hot (100 plus degrees possible). You can also ride to the local Polo fields, tie up your horse, have lunch at the clubhouse and watch the Polo ponies!

Lake with Fishing (need fishing lic, not sold at park).
Camping: May through Sept Thurs-Sun and October through April, Seven days a week.

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