Horse Camp

Clarks Fork Horse Camp

Date Received: 4/27/2010

Region = 4

Submitted By = Kim Fish

Park/Location = Stanisluas NF and the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness
Campground = Clarks Fork Horse Camp
Location = 50 miles east of Sonora on Hwy 108 Strawberry Store is 25 miles, the half way mark. Roughly 6-7 miles down Clarks Fork rd. Entrance is on the right hand side and you will cross the fork across a bridge.

Type = Public

Potable Water Available = yes
Horse Water Available = yes
Telephone = No
Restroom = yes
Showers = no
Firepits = yes
Picnic tables = yes
Bear Proof Containers = no
Camp Host = yes
Corrals = no
High ties = no
Store = 25 miles
Trailer Access = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trailer Parking = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trails Level = 5 - 10 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Rider Level = 4 - 10 (1/beginner - 10/very experianced)

Dogs allowed in camp = yes
Dogs allowed on trails = yes

Other Info = 14 sites, High lining from tree to tree or portable corrals
Fee = $12.00 (single); Two group areas: $24 small (maximum of 2 vehicles); $48 large (maximum 4 vehicles). Charge is per vehicle (vehicle = tow vehicle + horse trailer)

Reservations Required = individuals no, groups yes - see below
Reserve Through = American Land and Leisure
Contact Phone = 877-444-6777

More Info:

you want to experience the sierras, feel like you are camping totally primitive and have a nice camp to come back to and enjoy the stories around the campfire at night, Clarks Fork has it for you! You can access many trails and scenic spots in the backcountry via the many, many, trails the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness has to offer.

The spots are on a first come first served basis, but if you are having a big group and want to use the "big group" site towards the end of the camp road you need to call and make some kind of reservations with the info listed above, as they do wait for the big groups to come in and are there to help get you settled or hang out to answer questions for you.

The potable water is right as you come into the camp area. It's there for all to use, just fill up your jugs. Also there is a RV dump site there to for the "human campers" on the other side of the road.

Toilets are vault and they are cleaned every a.m. and checked in the p.m.

There is a small trough for the horse mid way on the side of the camp road. It is fed via a spring. I always bring my own water where ever I go, so just to be wise would be a good idea to bring your own too.

I say the trails are from 5-10 as you will experience great altitude change and terrain as you ride. Starting from camp from dirt road, or paved road, to mellow trail for a short bit, right into hard climb and lots and lots of granite and volcanic rock as well as some fast moving forks and run off creeks in the early season. You must have your horse well shod, in shape and acclimated for this area. I also say experience level for rider a 4-10 as I wouldn't advise beginners to take some of these trails, as the sierras can be a grueling place if you have never ridden them. If you want to bring beginner type riders then some of the trails just around camp would be fine and great to get one started in horse camping basics (setting up camp, to cooking, to roughing it, as well as getting the new horse used to camping)

Make sure you check the campfire status and don't forget a campfire permit before the tow up.

As always, leave the site as clean or cleaner than you found it! Clean up after yourself, horse and fellow campers.I can't tell you how many times hiking around camps in the evening that I've picked up trash from the "bad apples" that were there prior. Manure is not allowed in the metal trash bins, but if you stick it in the industrial type garbage bags and tie it in a knot at the top, you should be fine, I've done it this way as well as scattered my manure.

Any other info you can also contact the Forest Service station here.........

Summit Ranger District at (209) 965-3434, or stop by the office on Highway 108 at the turn-off to Pinecrest Recreation Area.

If you want any first hand info feel free to email me using the email above provided in the beginning. I can also email you some pics of the spots around there in the sierras.

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