Snake Lake Equestrian Campground

Date Received: May, 2014

Region = 2

Submitted By = Melissa Hood

Park/Location = Plumas Natl Forest
Campground = Semi-Primative Horse Camp
Location = Northwest of Quincy, CA about 8 miles, take Buck Lake Rd West of Quincy about 6 miles, then Snake Lake Rd about 2.5 miles. Paved roads to campground

Type = Public
Potable Water Available = no
Horse Water Available = no
Telephone = no
Restroom = yes
Showers = no
Firepits = yes
Picnic tables = yes
Bear Proof Containers = yes
Camp Host =
Corrals = yes, 2 sets of 4 pipe corrals
High ties = yes
Store = 8 miles
Trailer Access = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trailer Parking = 1 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Trails Level = 1 - 7 (1/easy - 10/difficult)
Rider Level = 1 - 10 (1/beginner - 10/very experienced)

Dogs allowed in camp = yes
Dogs allowed on trails = yes

Other Info = Link to campground and trail maps
Fee = none

Reservations Required = no
Reserve Through = n/a
Contact Phone =

More Info:

Trails are unmarked. bring maps and GPS. Loop routes will include Forest Service roads (some graveled), old road beds, and some single track. Some of the routes are not trails per the USFS, however I have some route descriptions as word docs I can send to anyone via e-mail if you contact me: Melissa Hood

Since this is a new camp, route descriptions are a work in progress currently for public sharing. These routes are basically the routes that are also OHV routes and on the OHV maps. An example is the route to Smith Lake from Snake Lake.

This is a multi use camp and can be popular with OHV's on week ends. Also popular hunting area in fall.

The corrals are in 2 sets of 4 pipe corrals.

Bring all your water for human and animal use. Snake Lake is mucky and more like a large pond. Do not take horses into the water. The bottom is very soft.

There is a manure bunker available between the 2 corral sets.

Snake Lake EQ campground makes a great base camp to do other day trip rides; like up to Buck's Summit and riding the Pacific Crest Trail from the large paved parking lot there. The Parking lot is located 14 miles west of Quincy off Buck's Lake Rd. It is a 3 hour RT ride to the top of Spanish Peak following the PCT, out and back (not a loop). It is about a 20 minute car/truck ride from Snake Lake campground to the Buck's Summit parking lot, using the Buck's Lake Rd. It is a significant grade for hauling horses. I do it easily with a Ford F250. An RV route exists taking Big Springs rd at the junction (watch for sign on road), which will add another 20 mins or more to go around the lake to the parking lot, depending on your speed.

Other rides from the Summit parking lot are:

Buck's Creek Loop: from Buck's Summit (also open to mountain bikes). It is a fairly easy route taking about an 1 1/2 hour. 3.8 miles total, elevation:5520 feet. The trail is single track with good footing, a few wooden bridges to cross, goes through White Horse Campground, then go to Buck's Lake rd (pavement), and cross over bridge on Mill Creek, find returning trail on the south side of Buck's Lake road shortly after the bridge.

Bucks Lake Wilderness: Go to Bucks Summit Parking lot, take trail described above to White Horse Campground, cross over Bucks Lake Rd (paved) and find trail head into the Bucks Lake Wilderness. The trail is wonderful going around the north side of Bucks Lake. You can go out and back or ride forever, as the wilderness area connects with the PCT

The Wilderness and the Pacific Crest Trail are closed to bike riding.

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