TRAP Membership

You can now join TRAP or renew your membership on-line via PayPal!

Use a Credit Card or your PayPal account!
All orders are processed through PayPal's secure on-line system.

Or you can mail your application/renewal by completing the TRAP Application/Renewal form.

Remember you must also be a member of CSHA to participate in the program either as a Direct Member or a member of a Member Club.

Program registration and/or application acceptance is subject to active CSHA membership verification.
Club members must be listed on the club roster currently on file at the CSHA state office.
No points/hours will accrue prior to activation of membership.

If you are not a club member and need to register with CSHA or are a Direct Member that needs to renew,
you may register/renew your CSHA membership on-line or by mail by clicking here.

TRAP On-Line Membership Application:

To join TRAP or renew your TRAP membership on-line, please select the appropriate entries below to process your order.

If registering more than one person at the same address, enter one person's information and click on "Add to Cart" button.
Verify the info in the shopping cart is correct then click on the "Continue Shopping" button to return to this page to add additional person(s). Repeat process as needed.

TRAP Membership = $15.00 per year/per person + $0.75 transaction fee

TRAP Application/Renewal    
Age Of Rider    
*Type of Rider   
Rider's First and Last Names   
Type of CSHA Membership   
If Club Member enter CSHA Club Name   

*Type Of Rider:
Non-Competitive = pleasure rider
Competitive = ride in Trail Trials, Endurance, NATRC, ACTHA, etc.

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TRAP Newsletter

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the TRAP newsletter, there is a $10.00 additional charge.
Electronic versions are provided free of charge.