Rider Profile

Name:   Bill Naylor
Region:    12
City:    Buena Park
Age:   63
TRAP Member Since:   2011

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   2
Denali, Paint, Gelding, 12 yrs
Prince, Morgan, Gelding, 15 yrs

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   12
Average Ride Time:   2

Favorite Trails:
Heart Bar
O'Neil Reg. Park
Whittier Narrows Reg. Park
Casper's Reg. Park
Marshall Canyon Reg. Park

Riding Disciplines:
Trail Trials
Park and Trail Patrol

Bill Naylor

I have been a member of CSHA off and on since the 60s. I have participated in numerous CSHA programs from Horsemastership, Parades, and Horse Shows. I have held numerous CSHA offices. I am also active with ETI as their MAU Coordinator. I am a past-president of the Fullerton Recreational Riders and an Evaluator/Trainer of WNMAU for LA County. I am also an Adopt-A-Park Volunteer for OC Parks. And last but not least I am a CV member of the LASD Posse. We love to camp with our horses which we do about once a month.

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