Rider Profile

Name:   Lita Tabish
Region:   8
City:    Fallbrook
Age:   1957 Model
TRAP Member Since:   2011

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   2 riding horses and 6 TB Racehorses

My two trail horses are both Tennessee Walkers. My old trail buddy is Marley; he was a rescue & I have owned him for 7 years. He is 27 years young.

Now my other boy is a baby only 2 and is just starting on the trails and doing very well! His name is Zig-Zag Steppin 2Da Max or Ziggy as we call him.

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   20+/month in the summer and 10+/month the rest of the year
Average Ride Time:   2 - 3 hours

Favorite Trails:
Santa Margarita River trails
Pioneer Town
Imperial Beach rides
Daley Ranch
Santa Rosa Trails
the Wine Trail rides through Temecula vineyards

Riding Disciplines:
Just for fun pleasure trail rides

Lita on Ziggy
His first trail ride!
Santa Rosa Trails, August 2011

I have worked with horses since I was a child. I supported myself and a horse through college by giving riding lessons. For most of my adult life I have bred, raised, trained and raced TB Racehorses. I have had stakes winners and hope to have some more again soon, as my young ones grow up and hit the track.

I have also ridden English/Western/Jumping/show over the years, but none of it compares to the joy on the trails today!

I have 2 gaited geldings Marley and Ziggy that are a blast to ride. I joined the Temecula Eq-Wine Riders a few years ago and have been trail riding with them monthly. It is great to learn of new trail areas and meet new riders. I am sure I will be in the saddle up until my last day alive!

Happy trail to everyone...If you're feeling down - Saddle up!

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