TRAP Rider Profiles!

Trail riders are all different and unique.

The profiles of some of our TRAP members will give you an opportunity
to learn more about your fellow riders and maybe meet some new friends!

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Region 1 Lori Cleveland
Sarah Reid
Patricia Tuck
Region 2 Diana DeSpain
Marilynn Gittings
Joyce Pickering
Region 3 Pat Brown
Nancy DeGan
Janet Peters
Region 4 Eileen Burwell-Sankey
Region 5 Janet Berkey
Jay Fowler
Marie Grisham
Region 6
Region 7 Amy Van Leuven
Region 8 Lita Tabish
Region 9 Vicky Beelik
Region 11 Margie Breitkreuz
Region 12 Jennifer Arnautu
Jayne Jones
Lori Meador-Wendland
Bill Naylor
Dolores Sweigart
Region 13 Tracie Ahlberg
Taylor Flevares
Vicki Graham
Margaret Hague
Joyce Maire
Teresa Mello
Region 15 Catrina Tarabini
Region 18 Bobby Polley

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