Rider Profile

Name:   Margie Breitkreuz
Region:    11
City:    Moreno Valley
TRAP Member Since:  1998

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   1

I met a lady named Digger on a county trail ride, and she introduced me to TRAP. I have logged hours on three different horses.

Mike my first horse, a beautiful palomino who was rescued by a friend

Jake, now semi-retired and living with my sister

And currently Dodge, a seven year old bay quarter horse who is the youngest horse I have ever purchased. He was five when we started riding together and has taught me so much.

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   Most every day!
Average Ride Time:   2 hours

Favorite Trails:
Every trail! So many wonderful camping spots--Pioneer Town, Joshua Tree, Cuyamaca, and McCall Regional Park. We frequently camp at Lake Perris since it's right over the hill from us.

Riding Disciplines:
Learning to communicate better with my horse both in and out of the saddle

Margie Breitkreuz and Dodge
McCall Regional Park
Mountain Center, CA
April 2009

I love being out on the trail and/or horse camping with my husband and friends. Since I've retired, I'm heading out to a trail by 7 a.m. during the week so I can ride with a friend who starts work later in the morning (so much for sleeping in!). A ride is definitely the best way to start the day. Rides start later on weekends.

Dodge enjoys trail riding as much as I do! He's always there to greet me and get going! On the occasional day when we don't get to ride, he whinnies when he sees me come out the back door! No surprise for Parelli folks that he’s a left brained introvert!

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