Rider Profile

Name:   Jennifer Arnautu
Region:    12
City:    Whittier
Age:   28
TRAP Member Since:   2015

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   1
Kiche (pronounced Key-Ch, rhymes with peach), 10 year old paint mare

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   25 - 30
Average Ride Time:   20 minutes up to 6+ hours

Favorite Trails:
I don't have a trailer so I am stuck on the Fullerton trails unless I can bum a ride out with a friend. Love Griffith Park and can't wait to get my own trailer and explore!

Riding Disciplines:

I'm a chemical engineer by trade, but my true passion is horses. I love trying everything and anything with my perfect all-around girl. We've done cow sorting, gymkhana, jumping, endurance, etc. If you suggest it (and we can find a ride there), we are TOTALLY DOWN to try anything. I'm hoping to attempt mounted shooting in the near future, as well as get a mounted archery clinic to come to the area.

updated 10/25/16

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