Rider Profile

Name:   Jayne Jones
Region:    12
City:    Newport Beach
Age:   adult
TRAP Member Since:   April 2007

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   2

Rascal is a 15 year old Spotted Saddle Horse gelding.

Peter is a 30 something pinto gelding.

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   10
Average Ride Time:   1 - 2 hours

Favorite Trails:
Back Bay loop in Upper Newport Bay, Newport Beach
Santa Ana River Trail in Anaheim
Peter's Canyon Regional Park
Santiago Oaks
and Irvine Regional Park all located in Orange County

Riding Disciplines:

Jayne Jones and Rascal
Limestone Canyon, Irvine Ranch, Orange Co.

I enjoy Natural Horsemanship and Team Building Programs with Horses

I live in an Equestrian Neighborhood in Newport Beach and belong to the Back Bay Equestrians. I enjoy trail riding my older horse Peter around the back bay.

I ride Rascal several times a week around Orange County and have taken him camping at Casper's Wilderness Park here in Orange County and Rancho Oso near Santa Barbara.

My goal is to continue riding several days a week and to visit more parks in Orange County and California.

I enjoy logging my hours on trail because it helps me remember the places I have visited and the wonderful times I continue to have with my horses and friends.

I meet the nicest people on trail and I feel very lucky and grateful to have such fantastic horses and friends to ride with every week!

If you are reading this it means you like to trail ride too so I hope to see you out there enjoying nature, your horse and your friends. Happy Trails to YOU!

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