Rider Profile

Name:  Margaret Hague
Region:   13
City:    Blue Lake
Age:   34
TRAP Member Since:   2012

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   1
Autumn, Belgian, mare, 5 years old

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   20
Average Ride Time:   15 minutes to 4 hours

Favorite Trails:
Clam Beach
Mad River

Riding Disciplines:
Trail Trials

Margaret and Autumn on Sunset Beach

I love my horse Autumn and spend almost every free minute with her riding, grooming, walking, reading and writing with her around.

I work at North Coast Veterinary Hospital which is a full service equine and livestock hospital.

I live and work at Jackson Hill Ranch with my husband, pooch, 2 cats and fish called Waffles. The ranch is 200+ acres of redwood forested mountain sides, ponds, streams and meadows. There are about 40 horses that live as free as domestic horses can.

I write a weekly blog about all the interestingly humorous tales from the veterinary hospital and with Autumn at www.Jacksonhillhorseygirl.com.

I love riding on the beach with Autumn and my friends Cindy and Diane. I also love to surf and hike with my hubby.

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