Rider Profile

Name:  Catrina Tarabini
Region:    4
City:    Chowchilla
Age:   58
TRAP Member Since:  2012

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   1
Z.Z. (Zippenzell), Arabian Mare,8 years old

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   20 - 25
Average Ride Time:   2.5 hours

Favorite Trails:
Yosemite, Goat Meadows, Mariposa Eagle Point, High Country, Eastman Lake

Riding Disciplines:

Catrina and ZZ
Eagle Creek in Eagle Meadows
Stanislaus Natl. Forest 2011

I like to be outdoors. I love to ride alone or with friends.. Love the water and water skiing. Love to camp and dance. Like to garden, have a green house.

I love my dog, Sandy Angel. She has been the love of my life since someone dropped her off at our house in the country. She rides with me every day. We visit Chowchilla's convalescent home and the hospital about once a week or more if we have time. She sings when I play the harmonica. Everyone loves it. I belong to the Mariposa Mountain Riders.

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