Rider Profile

Name:   Janet Peters
Region:    3 (moved from 1)
City:    Novato
Age:   49
TRAP Member Since:  2007

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   1

Classie Lassie - "Derby"
Rocky Mountain Mare
6 years old

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:  12
Average Ride Time:   1.5 hours

Favorite Trails:
Too many to list!!!

Riding Disciplines:
Trail Trails

Janet Peters and Derby near Truckee

Trail riding is my refuge - no better stress relief that I know of. Also enjoy riding with my husband who also has a Rocky Mountain horse. We have shown in gaited horse shows, done team penning, cowboy mounted shooting, trail trials, campout and pack trips! These horse can do it all.

We also raise and train competitive labradors retrievers - competing mainly in the hunt test area but also in the show ring. Labradors led us into upland and waterfowl hunting. This year we are planning our first horse back hunting trip.

See ya on the trail.

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