Rider Profile

Name:   Patricia Tuck
Region:    1
City:    Napa
Age:   50!!
TRAP Member Since:  2007

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   Any I can ride if my two boys aren't ready.
Sparky--paint, gelding, 10 years old
Preston--quarter horse, 5 years old

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   Try to get in 3 p/week
Average Ride Time:   2 - 3 hours

Favorite Trails:
Jack London
Bodega Bay
Point Reyes
Friends' properties

Riding Disciplines:
Trail Trails

Patricia Tuck & Sparky

Grew up loving horses and jumping on any I could. Started learning how much there is to learn 7 years ago, thanks to my sister, Penny, who is an avid equestrian. Received Sparky for Valentine's day four years ago and bought Preston a year and a half ago. Love gardening, scuba diving and being outdoors!

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