Rider Profile

Name:   Nancy DeGan
Region:   3
City:    Rescue, CA
Age:   59
TRAP Member Since:   May 1999

Horse Info:  
# of Horses:   4

Mariah, Arab, Mare, 19 years
Annabelle, Arab, Mare, 11 years
BoJangles, Quarter Horse, Geld, 7 years
Buckshot, Paint, Geld, 6 years

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   8
Average Ride Time:   2 hours

Favorite Trails:
All the trail around Folsom Lake
Olmstead Loop, in Cool, CA

Riding Disciplines:
Trail Trails
Drill Team
Trail Patrol

I ride almost everyday -- not always on the trails. I am a member of a Parelli Drill Team and I like to Show in Trail. I am also a member of two State of California volunteer mounted units and I patrol Folsom Lake Trails and the Auburn State Recreation Trails.

I also spend most of my free time quilting

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