Rider Profile

Name:   Marie Grisham
Region:   5
City:   El Sobrante
Age:   67
TRAP Member Since:   1991 - 1995 & 2002 - present

Horse Info:
# of Horses:   1

Buddy is a 17 year old Quarterhorse/Morgan cross gelding. He is blind in one eye due to an injury before I got him. But he is such a sweetheart! He is a great trail horse but due to his blindness has a depth preception problem. He was afraid to cross water but we have overcome that and he will now cross streams, etc. Opening gates on his blind side was also an issue but he now opens and holds them for other horses!

We have ridden all over California and into Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. He is great in the trailer and loves to camp. Always willing and able to haul me around and up over the next mountain!

In the past Buddy and I competed in Gymkhana and he earned us two state buckles! He has no idea he is blind in one eye!

Ride Info:
# Rides per Month:   10 - 15
Average Ride Time:   2 - 3 hours

Favorite Trails:
Pt. Reyes National Park - all trails
Bear Creek Trail in Briones Reservoir
Pt. Pinole Regional Park, Richmond
Redwood Regional Park, Oakland
Skillman Horse Camp in Tahoe Natl Forest
Silver Lake in the Sierras
Humboldt Redwood State Park - Beautiful!!!!

Riding Disciplines:
Pleasure trail riding
Camping with my horse and family and friends

Marie and Buddy at Tennesse Valley Beach, Marin Headlands

I am a life member of CSHA and the current TRAP State Chair. I am a past president of Region 5 and have held several other positions in Region 5 over the years. I am also a member of Tri-Cities Horsemen's Assoc. my local horse club.

I have 2 children, 6 granddaughters, and 3 great-grand childern,

I am now retired and I trail ride as often as I can and love to camp with my horses, family, and friends. I have met some great people while camping who I now consider friends and our "camping buddies" grow every year!

In spring and summer I do as much camping and trail riding as possible and have a blast! During that time my husband and I are like "ships passing in the night"! I will be home for maybe a week and then gone again. He's a good sport about it and understands my passion for riding!

updated 10/25/16

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